After a hard day at work or at school, coming home to relax is everything that we need and where can we relax better if not in a teak rocking chair?

Teak rocking chairI don’t know about you, but when I make myself comfortable in a teak rocker and my cat sleeps in my arms, next to the fireplace, I can say that I am happy.

When I pay a visit to someone, I simply love seeing the mommy putting her baby to sleep in a teak rocking chair before coming to have a talk with me. But, since we like to have the rocking chair outdoors when the weather is fine, we have to pay attention to the quality of the material the chair is made of.

Of course, we are attracted to the cheaper teak outdoors chairs, but choosing a quality one means to invest our money in a longer lasting chair that also has a beautiful design.

Instead of spending your money on a rocking chair every year, it is better to buy a more expensive one that will offer you both duration and great aspect. From this point of view, the teak rocking chair is the best option.

What is teak wood and why is it so good for a rocking chair?

Teak wood rocking chairThe teak wood is a strong and thick wood that doesn’t make splints when is cut. It’s sawdust is soft and has a nice smell. This smell remembers too many people of the sweet oil.

This fact dues to the fact that the teak wood rich in oils. During its lifetime, the oils from the teak wood migrate from center to its exterior layers.

In this way, the teak wood protects itself from the weather, becomes resistant to rottenness, fungus and insects.

The teak wood resists to water, its surface transforming the water into drops when getting in contact. This is why the teak wood is the best choice for a rocking chair and for furniture in general.

And, this is why the teak rocking chairs are perfect outdoors and indoor. They have a durable construction, they are maintenance-free and weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry that you left the rocking chair in your garden and the rain started.

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The teak outdoor rocking chair and why do we love it

The summer days are so much more beautiful when I watch the sunrise in my rocking chair while having the first coffee of the day.

Teak rocking chairIt is so great to sit in the teak porch chair, outside, relaxing all alone or with the friends and family! When it comes to the outdoor rocking chairs, the ones made of teak wood are the best ones. Due to the quality of the teak wood, I never have to worry about the bad weather conditions.

Durable and resistant to the action of the atmospheric factors, the teak outdoor rocking chair becomes the perfect choice for the sunny summer days because it offers you the chance of spending time in your garden and swinging in the same time.

The slow rhythm of the swing will help you relax and to chill. You can easily transform the teak outdoor rocking chair in a space dedicated to reading or to the handwork.

The slow swing replaces the background activity and it improves the blood circulation and you will not be numb when captivated by what you read, you will forget about the track of time.

The teak rocking bench, perfect for the romantic moments

Teak rocking benchFor those who love relaxing in the company of friends, neighbors or family, a teak rocking bench is the most practical option. Having beloved persons near you and enjoying their company on a rocking chair is something to treasure.

A teak rocking bench is also ideal for your romantic moments, to sit with your partner on it under a blanket, enjoying the silence and a glass of wine.

The teak outdoor furniture is also perfect for the old couples who want to enjoy the great time spent with their grandchildren.

Again, the teak wood is a great material for a teak rocking bench, due to its consistency and because will last for a very long period of time, which is a very important aspect if you want to have a very long relationship with the rocking bench.

Where can we find teak porch rocking chairs for sale?

The teak furniture is a bit expensive, due to the quality of the wood, so there are not many furniture stores that have teak porch rocking chairs for sale. Still, where can we find teak porch rocking chairs for sale?

Outdoor teak rocking chairsThere are custom teak furniture makers, but the prices may be high and they are hard to find, the most of them being located outside the USA.

There is also the option of the high-end furniture shops which are also placed in different places and so you have to drive from one shop to another with the risk of finding a disappointing selection.

The best way to find teak porch rocking chairs for sale are the online stores selling teak furniture. The advantage of these online stores is that you can compare the models, the prices and to see what model is the best for you.

Amazon, for example, has some of the biggest teak lounge chairs collection so you should visit their website.

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Cleaning teak rocker

Cleaning teak furniture is a process that has to be done in order to prevent the discoloration and the mildew build-up. A wash with a soft plastic brush, vinegar or bleach, water and mild soap is the trick used as a teak wood cleaner.

Cleaning teak rockerYou can mix a cup laundry detergent, one of chlorine bleach and one warm water gallon or, mix one warm water gallon with one vinegar cup.

The indoor rockers must be cleaned in ventilated spaces and the mixture must be allowed to sit for 15 minutes.

After cleaning teak furniture, use clean water to rinse. The teak wood oil is used to protect the wood and to enhance the natural color of the wood. The Linseed oil and the Tung oil are the most preferred by the professionals.

The teak wood oil must be applied after the teak furniture was cleaned and with a paint brush. The excess oil can be removed with a cloth damped in mineral spirits.

The oil dripping onto fiberglass or into painted wood must be wiped away immediately before it stains. The oil must be applied until it is no longer soaked by the wood.

The wood must have a matte finish and no shiny spots. The oil should be applied again every 3 months and before each application, the teak rocker must be cleaned and completely dry.

Cleaning teak furniture operation must begin from the bottom in order to avoid the eventual streak marks from the water that may drip on the surfaces that weren’t washed.

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The teak rocking chair cushions we need

Teak rocking chair coushionThe rocking chair cushions are very useful if we want to make the teak rocking chair even more comfortable.

It is indicated to choose teak rocking chair cushions that are resistant to water, for the outdoor rocking chairs, considering the rain and the weather conditions in general.

The rocking chair cushions resistant to water are indicated for the indoors rocking chairs too, if you use it to put the baby to sleep on it since accidents like vomit, milk spills can happen.

Again, an investment in good teak chair cushions that will last more, is very indicated. Some of the teak rocking chairs come with a cushion included or, you can choose it as up sell.

Which are the best teak rocking chairs for me?

Teak rocking bench by Southern Enterprises

Teak rocking benchThis teak rocking bench has a contemporary design and it offers resistance and durability.

Because of these features, is great for interior as well as for outer usage. Many owners use it as a patio bench, a piece of their poolside furniture or on their porch.

The best part about it?

On this Teak rocking bench can sit two people. This means that you can cuddle with your partner or your kid. Of course, you can also just sit and watch the sunset.

The teak rocker bench is designed for stretching out and cozying up.

The light brown unstained teak finish gives it a very stylish and elegant look. Even if it has a bigger price, you will not regret if you choose this double Teak rocking bench.

The dimensions of this teak rocking bench are 39.25 in. W x 19.5 in. D x 19.25 in. H.

  • Great for outer use
  • Nice to have it inside
  • For two person
  • Durable
  • High back support
  • Easy to maintain
  • With proper maintaining, double teak rocker for life
  • Little bit high price
  • You should get cushion too

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Grade-A teak rocking chair by TeakStation

Grade A teak rockerThis patio outdoor rocker comes with slatted design, arm supports, rocking movement and arched back. This is what you need for relaxation and boost up your mood.

Being made of resistant premium teak wood it can be left outside the whole year. Because of best quality Teak wood, the maintenance is very easy.

It’ awesome to use it on the porch and relax after a long day at work, or to enjoy in listening birds in your garden or your backyard.

The sun umbrella and the seat cushion are both available in any wanted color, for more $69 and you have to require them when you order the teak rocker.

Maybe you will think that the price is high. Believe me, the rocker of such a quality can cost you at least twice more.

The dimensions of this 100% teak rocking chair are: 26″ W x 30″ D x 40″ H.

  • Durable
  • Arm support
  • Arched back support
  • Use outside on porch, in garden or as poolside piece of furniture
  • Get the cushion too
  • Relatively high price

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