Best teak rocking chairs for parenting

If we, as adults, feel so much joy to sit and relax in a teak rocking chair, imagine how pleasant must be for a baby! The slow back and forth motion will relax the baby, inducing her or him such a comfortable and relaxing mood that will also bring the sweet sleep.

Teak wood rockerMore, the teak rocking chairs are ideal to read a book to your child, to cuddle, to feed the baby or to enjoy the precious moments of holding him in your arms. A teak rocking chair is the best choice for so many reasons.

First of all, the teak rocking chairs are sturdy and solid, which make them safe to be used for an extended period of time. The teak wood doesn’t allow the fungus and the bacteria to survive too long, which only can be safe and good for the baby.

The mother can rock her baby anywhere, because the rocking chair can be used inside and outside.

When the baby is too big to be rocked, due to the good resistance to the weather conditions of the teak wood, the chair can be used outside to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful days.

Rocking chairThis aspect makes the chair to be useful for a much longer period of time, after the child is no longer a baby.

The most of the teak rocking chairs don’t come with a cushion.

It is important for the rocking chair to have cushions which make the chair more comfortable, because the time spent on the chair will be a long one.

Choosing easy to wash cushions or cushions that are liquid resistant is a smart decision since is very likely for the baby to throw up on the cushions, to drool on them, to spill the milk or the food and so on.

What to look for when buying a rocking or glider chair

Teak glider with cushions

  • The comfort is a very important aspect. The teak rocking chair you purchase have to offer you enough space to change the position without effort, to have plenty of head and back support and to fit to your body size.
  • Your feet should touch the floor at an angle that is comfortable to you. Some pockets where you can put baby gear or things like magazines, the remote control or the phone is more than welcomed.
  • The sturdy frame. The frame must be solid to worth the long time investment. Be sure to check the gaps, the exposed moving parts and the sharp edges, all of these being dangers for the baby.
  • The padded armrests. Plenty of support is needed for your arms to hold the baby as comfortable as possible. If you have a nursing pillow you can come with it to the store to check if it fits next to or over the armrests in a comfortable way.
  • The recline. There are teak glide chairs that have the recline option, which offers more comfort and is very helpful when you take care of an ill baby.
  • The swivel ability. The glide chairs are harder to adjust and they are also heavy compered to the rockers that can be easily moved in the wanted direction. You can choose a glider that has the 360 degrees swivel.
  • A matching ottoman is also important. It can be sold separately or it comes with the glider or the rocker. An ottoman that is made for your chair will move with the same motion.
  • The locking mechanism. It avoids the baby’s toes and fingers hurting and it keeps the chair from moving.

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Which are the best teak rocking chairs for parenting?

We put few of the best teak rocking chairs for parenting to the test and this is our list of those that we like.

Indonesian Teak Rocker Chair

Indonesian teak rocker chairThis teak rocking chair is large and comfortable, has stainless screws and a solid design.

It is very easy to assemble and is ideal to be in nursery or left outside because is made of solid teak.

What makes it perfect for nurser, its his 250 lbs. weight capacity. You can be sure you and your baby will be safe in this chair.

It doesn’t come with coushin, so I would suggest you to get it.

The dimensions of this teak rocking chair are: 25″L x 31 3/4″W x 44 3/4″H.

Bare Decor Large Teak Wood Rocking Chair, Indoor or Outdoor

Teak wood rocking chairIdeal for outdoor and indoor use, this teak rocking chair has a scooped seat and a lumber support that offers extra comfort.

It is made of genuine teak wood and has the following dimensions: 24.5″W x 36″L x 45″H. If you are looking for a bit bigger chair, than this is it.

As you can see, this chair also have foot rest, which makes it very comfortable for legs.

The assembly is required, but it is easy.

Whitecap Teak Glider Chair

Teak glider chairThis teak glider chair is oiled finish, has slats spaced close together that offer more comfort, a contoured back and seat as well as a smooth gliding motion.

This teak glider is build to last. It’s made out of A grade teak wood that can withstand the most extreme conditions, including all type od spills.

It’s hard to match it’s warm, soft, silky feel of teak wood. It have wide armrest, which gives planty of support as you hold your baby.

The dimensions are: 24in. wide x 31in. deep x 40in. high.

Grade A Teak Rocker

Grade A teak rockerBeing made of premium teak, this rocker can be left outdoors the whole year due to its weather resistance.

This teak rocker has a rocking movement, slatted design, arched back and arm supporters.

You can purchase it with the seat cushion made of Sunbrella fabric, available in several different colors and patterns.

The prize of this cushion is very affordable. The approximately dimensions are: 25.5″ W x 37.5″ D x 40″ H.